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MAGICAL MERMAID PARTIES & Live Mermaid Appearances

Our Mermaid Shop is full of Wonderful and Unusual Mermaid Themed Gifts, many are Unique and Handmade.

From a wide variety of Mermaid Jewellery, Ornaments and Gadgets, to Clothing, Swimwear and Blankets, for Promotions and Parties

Debbie Haze The Mermaid

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Debbie Performs as a Real Life Mermaid who will create a Magical Mythical Party for you.
Click below to find out how an Enchanting Party is created and what's included.  

A Mythical, Magical Party Experience 
tailored to your preference. 

Debbie Haze The Mermaid

An Artistic and Acrobatic Mermaiding Performance designed to Mesmerise and Mystify even the most Cynical Imaginaries !

Debbie is a Professional Mermaid who can facilitate Promotional Events, Product Launches, Corporate, Business and Private Party Events. 

Debbie Haze The Mermaid